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 Chat Rules

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PostSubject: Chat Rules   Thu Apr 12, 2018 11:56 pm


General chat rules — in-character channel (normal chat, /s, /l) and out-of-character local channel (/b)

Quote :

No Metagaming. In-character dialogues should be totally independent from out-of-character dialogues.

Internet terms (such as "lol", "lmao", "wtf", "ffs") are not allowed on the IC chat.
Out-of-character messages ("hello admin!", "make me hunted", "i got killed") should not be sent on the IC chat - use the OOC chat (/b) instead.
The usage of brackets at the end of the message "))" in some channels may indicate OOC speech.
Abbreviations may be allowed in the IC chat, as long as they're in-character (such as "MW" for Most Wanted).
Any sort of offense said through the OOC chat (/b) is not considered an IC reason to start any kind of situation.

Speak English. English is the official language of our community.

Speaking foreign languages is allowed through the local OOC channel (/b).
Foreign languages are not allowed in-character (IC). Foreign words and phrases are permitted (to roleplay speaking a foreign language ICly, use [Insert Language] in the IC chat).
Public channels (such as /newb and /g) are restricted to english only.

No Spamming. All forms of spam (repeated messages, repeated letters, random symbols, upper case) are forbidden.

Spamming while shouting (/s) or using upper case text (caps) may aggravate the punishment.
Sending several similar chat messages may also lead to a punishment, depending on the context.
Spamming commands that appear publically on the chat (such as /dice) may also lead to a punishment, depending on the context.

Quote :

Private messaging (/sms, /w)

/sms and /w are in-character (IC). You're permitted to use these channels for OOC messaging, but we recommend you to use close brackets "))" at the end of your message to indicate an OOC context.

You do not need someone's name in order to /sms him. You may validly obtain someone's number through the /number command.
These commands can be toggled by using /togphone and /togwhisper respectively.
You are permitted to use abbreviations over SMS; for example: 'wtf' or 'omw', since it's a phone text message.

Quote :

Global channels (/g, /dc, /o, /ec, /tec)

Global channels are out-of-character (OOC). As said before, it's mandatory to speak english only in these channels.

You are not allowed to advertise roleplay items, events or services on these channels. If you want to buy/sell stuff, use /ads instead.
You are not allowed to sell/buy accounts through the global channels.
You are not allowed to call backup, or ask for in-character help, through the global channels (OOC backup).
Do not use the global channels for in-character purposes anyhow (such as calling players to bet you in the Casino).
/newb answers should be answered on /newb. Do not answer them in the Global Chat! Respect the cooldown.

Quote :

Community help channels (/newb /c)

Quote :

Community help channels are out-of-character (OOC). Their purpose is to provide assistance for newcomers & players with questions about the game script, or the game rules.

You may use the /newb channel for questions & answers only. You may send a question/answer each 15 seconds.
Do not advertise items through these channels. Do not use these channels for any sort of in-character purposes.
Do not engage in conversations through the /newb channel. Question -> answer, simply.
/newb answers should be answered on /newb. Do not answer them in the Global Chat! Respect the cooldown.
All forms of /newb abuse may lead to a mute. This channel is taken very seriously.
Providing false answers through the /newb channel may lead to a mute, depending on the situation.
Repeating answers after several have been given may lead to a mute.
If you're a senior helper+ or a former administrator, you have access to the /c channel. Use it for serious communication: questions, answers & instructions, aiming the best for the community.
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Chat Rules
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