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 Manila Roleplay - Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Manila Roleplay - Rules and Regulations   Thu Apr 12, 2018 11:52 pm

Manila Roleplay - Rules and Regulations

This server is running with fully functional modifications, and have 24/7 admins so that you can have a great gaming time without those hackers and abusers who ruin the fun. Our server is hosted in the America so that the North American players and the European players could have an equal ping. As of now their is no lag at all, that's right. LAG FREE people, couldn't get any better than this. We're constantly adding and trying new things so that you won't get bored quickly, eventually leaving we are hoping to keep this server alive and running for quite awhile, but only the players can be the judge of that and make that happen.

Manila Roleplay - Rules and Regulations

1. Hacking or cheating in any way will get you banned. This includes picking up and using loot that has been scripted in or exploiting the game in a manner that was not intended by the developers. Do not glitch tents in rocks, under water or an any manner that was not intended.

2. Respect other players. This includes any and all racist type actions which includes custom skins, names, chat etc.

3. Side chat is strictly reserved for short communications. Do not spam the chat in any way shape or form. That includes gloating and whining excessively or just simply aggravating other players.

4. Respect the administration of the server. In game is not the place to handle administrative issues. If a buddy gets banned then direct him to the forums. If you are told to do something by the administration do so. If you feel you have been abused then report to the admin abuse section of the forums and plead your case.

5. Do not use Teamspeak to ghost your enemy. Horizon Teamspeak is set up with channels and people should be able to feel safe to discuss private information in the channel that they are playing in. This is something that we will all have to help each other enforce, if you are caught trolling in the Teamspeak you'll be punished accordingly.

6. Do not combat log. While the game has been adjusted to help prevent this it is still possible. Proven combat logging will be dealt with as cheating and an unban request will have to be processed as such, this will result in a full IP 12 hour ban

7. If you are caught Ban evading the chances are you will be punished accordingly under the guidance of our Admins and will result in a Full Permanent Ban.

8. No spamming the side-chat with random bullshit that have nothing to do with "MTA DayZ" you'll just be Muted.

9. No Server Advertising, will result in a full permanent ban.

10. Do not spam admins with stuff like "Warp me to.." "Give me cz" "give me patriot".
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Manila Roleplay - Rules and Regulations
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